Friday, October 24, 2003

Pointer Sisters 

Head for a cigarette in the tiny park near Queensway. A recent trend amongst young girls seems to sit spread-legged like a man. Two girls on the opposite bench of where I am smoking do just that and therefore, totally unashamed, I keep staring at their panties.

One of them comes over and pleads Can you give me fire?

Sugar Plum, now why would I want to do that? I ask... assuming she wants me to set her on fire in some act of mercy killing.

Give me fire please. She repeats. This time pointing at her cigarette. Oh... the dame just wants cigarette lighter!

Sure, I reply in Cantonese upon which she feels a bit embarrassed You Cantonese good, my English bad.

You panties good... I offer compensation. After a while, smoking our cigarettes, we become instant friends and merrily chat like rowdy teenagers.

Passers by throw odd glances as if I were a Russian pimp dishing out young whores in a park. Later have a drink with them at Dan Ryan's after which return home and have a relaxed evening.

Update - Doggy Day 

Now the webcam works. Here are detailed instructions once again:

1. You can watch the women by clicking this link. It is the dog swimming pool.

2. On the Compression Selection screen, select MPEG4 [already selected by default] and then click the "submit" button.

3. On the Select Internet screen [MSIE only], select either modem or DSL/CABLE/T-1 depending upon your internet connection and click the submit "button".

4. Click on the Play button in the center [MSIE only], and a login window appears. User Name [ID] is "Guest" and Password [PW] is "111111" (6 times 1).

5. Click the "OK" button [MSIE] or the "submit" button [Netscape] and enjoy... :-)

P.s.: Blogger ate up my last week's draft diary. So guess will have to do without it.

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