Sunday, October 26, 2003

My Way 

The time has come, it seems, to say goodbye to these kind yet langurish folks at Blogger.

From now on my blog, diary or whatever it is; will be found at See Lai.

Thanks to everyone who visited me here and... for the kind folks who have listed my blog on their wonderful sites, I am very grateful as I got a lot of referrals from you all.

Don't change the links at your site yet, or change it to http://seelai.com [will be functional by tomorrow].

I am going to leave this blog operating [though won't update it anymore] as memoirs of my adventures.

I hate to retype everything over here, over there. Besides the import/export does not seem to work with Blogger.

Anyway, hopefully, now I will have a regular blog, not a "Publish and Pray".

Thanks everyone and see you all over there

[Strangely, now all features over here work. Must be a conspiracy ;-)]

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